My name is Sophia Bender and I’m the Director and Producer of Endo Girl.

Endo Girl  is a short Documentary Dance film aimed at Raising awareness about Endometriosis, as well as educating society and helping women and those that Identify as gender diverse that they are not alone.

We have just released the film online world wide and you can watch it in the link below.

The next step of our journey is launching our 9 to Shine for Endometriosis Campaign. 

9 to Shine will run for 99 days and aims to raise $9 Million Dollars through $9 Donations.

We have chosen the number 9 for the one in 9 women and those that identify as gender diverse who suffer with Endometriosis.

Endo does not discriminate and neither does this campaign. We want everyone to feel that they can contribute and make a difference through just $9.

Endometriosis does not just affect Endo Warriors. The reality is, it’s reported that the cost to the Australian Society is $9.7 billion annually with two thirds attributed to a loss in productivity. 

That's right - $9.7 Billion Dollars.

It’s time to make a difference.

The money raised will go to Endometriosis Australia for initiatives such as; medical research and education programs. 

The first signs of endometrial like tissue were first discovered over 4000 years ago and yet in the year 2021 200 million women stand before you with this insidious disease.

This is our call to action.

99 Days

$9 Donations

$9 Million dollars

We all have the power to make a difference.

To shine your light on Endometriosis donate $9 today for the one in 9.


You can find out more about Endometriosis at Endometriosis Australia - 



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